Our Team


Nick Poehlman

Nick considers himself one of the lucky ones. After his first college accounting course he knew he was meant to be in the numbers business. He realized bookkeeping and general accounting principles were a beautiful blend of math and common sense, and he was hooked. Since that day, Nick has loved every minute of his chosen profession and is passionate about helping clients understand an area of business that is often scary and confusing.

Nick is hard working, dedicated, doggedly determined, and has a great sense of humor. For an accountant that is. He loves working with clients who are organized and open to new approaches. In his spare time, typically outside of tax season, he enjoys canoeing with friends, swimming, watching hockey and catching a movie with his girlfriend.

Tracy Wandersee

Tracy knows a thing or two about accounting. But what she’s most passionate about is helping clients really understand their financial position. She has sat with countless individuals and counseled them on starting their own business, and prides herself on going above and beyond for each client to make their business a success. It’s a rarity in business these days to find someone as invested and dedicated as Tracy. 

She loves her chosen field and is exceptionally good at it. Although she is serious and focused most of the day, she likes to unwind through boating and kayaking, tending to her garden and spending time with her dog, Ellie, and two grown sons.

jason Birner

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